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A New Appreciation for Financial Planning

By April 13, 2021 No Comments

A new study finds Americans have a new outlook on life, love, and financial planning in 2021.  While COVID-19 has brought an emphasis on small wins like spending time with family/loved ones and using that vacation time. Americans continue to focus on big life decisions and planning more than ever. In fact, three-quarters (75%) of those polled said it’s important for them to get their finances in order in 2021 (Lifehappens.org)

The good news is- That is where you come in. Now more than ever there is a need for your expertise.  Most people are familiar with life insurance and the reasons for needing proper coverage. They do not necessarily always understand that Disability Insurance is equally important. It is the foundation of a solid financial plan.

Pick a client and tell me, what is their greatest asset? A 401(k)? IRA? Permanent life insurance policy? Their Home?  For many, it is not in a financial statement. It is their ability to get up and go to work every day. Their lifetime earning potential is greater than any of their investments or property. If that income is disrupted it will be impossible to save for long-term goals and increasingly difficult just to pay day-to-day bills.

A house built on a poor foundation will not last. The same can be said for a financial plan. Just like our homes, our cars, our property, and our life, it should be insured against catastrophe.

Start talking to your clients today about protecting their most valuable asset with Disability Insurance using this brand new video.

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