with Fixed Indexed Annuities

In today’s low-interest-rate environment, clients want to protect their principal, participate in market upside all while avoiding long-term surrender schedules.

Great American’s Landmark
3 & 5 Could Be The Solution!

These products offer competitive interest crediting rates with shorter, more manageable surrender schedules. Not to mention, they come with additional liquidity features such as a terminal illness waiver rider and a confined care waiver rider.

Brochure: Win By Not LosingBrochure: Win By Not Losing
Product Overview: Landmark 3Product Overview: Landmark 3
Product Overview: Landmark 5Product Overview: Landmark 5

Product Highlights

3 or 5 year surrender

10% Penalty-free withdrawal each year

Issue ages: 0 – 90 for Landmark 3

Issue ages: 0 – 89 for Landmark 5

Waiver Riders Included

Extended Care Waiver: 100% of the account value when criteria is met

Terminal Illness Waiver: 100% of the account value when criteria is met


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