Annuities At Their Best

Guaranteeing Lifetime Income

Do your clients ever worry about running out of money in retirement?

Retirees face a number of risks when it comes to outliving their money in retirement. Annuities can pay your clients a guaranteed stream of income for the rest of their lives. Eliminating this risk and worry from their minds.

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Helping your clients reach their goals.

Bob Bills is a married 58-year-old software engineer with $500,000 in savings.

His retirement goals are:

  • to retire at age 65
  • to create a stream of income to last the rest of his life
  • to create a plan for his 57-year-old wife to receive income if he predeceased her

Case Study Highlights

Page 10 – Guaranteed Values:

The figures on this page assume Bob never experiences a positive return from the S&P 500 Index.

Page 12 – Hypothetical

The figures on this page show the hypothetical values assuming positive gains from the S&P 500 over the past 10 years.

Page 14 – Effective Rates:

The figures on this page show the effective rate over the most recent 10-year period, the best 10-year period in the past 20 years, and the worst 10-year period in the past 20 years

Page 15 – Lifetime Income Amounts

The figures on this page show the annual lifetime income Bob would receive if he activates his income rider at any point in time. Focus on the column titled Lifetime Income Rider with Fixed Rate.


Which of your clients would benefit from this solution?

Your ideal client for this solution would be:

  • Ages 60+
  • Have available assets of $100,000 +
  • Someone who is overly concentrated in equities, bonds, or cash
  • Someone seeking retirement income immediately to 10 years from now

Your ideal client may be concerned with:

  • Outliving their money in retirement
  • Seeking safety from market risk, interest rate risk, or inflation risk
  • Seeking a higher return than what is available at a bank
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