Annuities with Long-Term Care

Income Solutions with Long-Term Care Protection

Your clients are looking for solutions that will help them maintain an independent lifestyle in retirement.

As the cost of medical care continues to increase your clients need a way to create income and protect their financial future from the risk of a long-term care event.

Did you know?

90% of married couples age 65+ will need some form of long-term care and having a plan now can avoid financial hardships in the future.

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Helping your clients reach their financial goals.

Meet Clara and Wade.

In sickness and in health. That’s the vow Clara and Wade made to each other 45 years ago – to be there for one another, no matter what. But now that they’re both 70, they may need some help should one of them suffer from:

  • An illness
  • An injury
  • A physical or mental disability
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Who is the right fit for this solution?

The ideal clients who can benefit from this solution are:

  • Ages 60-85
  • Have available assets of $100,000+
  • They currently have no long-term care plan in place
  • Interested in reviewing their long-term care plan for better options

Key Financial Concerns

  • Medical Bankruptcy
  • Being a financial burden on children
  • Covering expenses related to long-term care events not covered by traditional health care
  • Reducing Taxes

Key Personal Concerns

  • Having a family member become a caregiver
  • Receiving care in their home instead of a facility


Reach out to the expert.

If you have any questions regarding this solution or need a case design for your next appointment, please reach out to Mike Van Horn, Director of Annuity Marketing.

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Mike Van Horn
Director, Annuity Marketing