Annuity Rates

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity - California Rate Sheet

Fixed annuity rates are changing, effective September 15, 2023. Below are the best fixed-rate products gaining popularity with financial advisors.

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Sagicor (A-)Milestone 3$100k5.15%NoYesYes
F&G (A-)Platinum 3$20k5.15%YesNo, 5.15% per yearNo
North American (A+)Guarantee Plus 3$100k5.00%YesNo, 5.00% per yearYes
Global Atlantic (A)SecureFore 3$100k5.00%YesYesNo
Athene (A)MaxRate 3$100k4.95%YesNo, 4.95% per yearYes
Sagicor (A-)Milestone 3$50k4.90%NoYesYes
Global Atlantic (A)SecureFore 3$10k4.75%YesYesNo
Athene (A)MaxRate 3$10k4.60%YesNo, 4.60% per yearYes

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Rates are subject to change at any time.


F&G (A-)Platinum 5$20k5.50%YesNo, 5.50% per yearNo
Global Atlantic (A)SecureFore 5$100k5.35%YesYesNo
Athene (A)MaxRate 5$100k5.25%YesNo, 5.25% per yearYes
Sagicor (A-)Milestone 5$100k5.25%NoYesYes
Reliance Standard (A++)Eleos-MVA$10k5.15%NoYes, Year 1 tooYes
Global Atlantic (A)SecureFore 5$10k5.15%YesYesNo

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Rates are subject to change at any time.


F&G (A-)Platinum 7$20k5.55%YesNo, 5.55% per yearNo
Athene (A)MaxRate 7$100k5.25%YesNo, 5.25% per yearYes
American National (A)Palladium 7-Year Annuity$250k5.25%YesYes, Year 1 tooYes
Sagicor (A-)Milestone 7$100k5.20%NoYesYes
American National (A)Palladium 7-Year Annuity$100k5.10%YesYes, Year 1 tooYes
American National (A)Palladium 7-Year Annuity$5k5.00%YesYes, Year 1 tooYes

Ratings provided by A.M. Best

Rates updated on September 15, 2023 and are subject to change at any time.

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