All You Need to Know: LTC vs. Chronic Illness Riders

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Did you know that the average couple retiring at 65 can expect to pay $220,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses during retirement?

Many consumers don’t plan for these expenses, and aren’t aware how a serious medical impairment can jeopardize their retirement plans. In most cases, funds that were earmarked for retirement must now be accessed to pay for these unplanned expenses. By doing this, the client risks not having enough money to last them thru retirement. With many more people living past the age of 90, properly planning for these medical expenses can mean a world of difference to your retirement.

You can understand why it’s important to discuss how medical cost in retirement will be handled so that you can properly prepare your client with the best solution. But what exactly is the best solution? Which is better, a Long-Term Care rider or, a Chronic Illness Rider? These are questions that have no general answer as it depends on what your client’s needs and preferences are. Let’s look at each option a little closer!


As you can see, Chronic Illness Riders and LTC Riders share similar characteristics. One of the differences is the payment type, Reimbursement vs. Indemnity. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


Reimbursement products provide a benefit if the client meets the requirements of the policy and spends money on a qualified service.

The upside of reimbursement product is that client receive a benefit equal to their total cost, up to a predetermined maximum.

The downside is that there is a delay between when expenses are incurred and when the insured gets paid. The insured has to incur the expense, then collect and submit the receipt, then the carrier review and approves the receipts and finally issues the payment.


Indemnity products are those that provide clients with a benefit once they meet the requirements of their policy.

The advantage of an indemnity rider/product is that it does not require clients to provide proof that their benefit spending is related to the chronic condition. Therefore, the client can use the benefit to pay medical or non-medical expenses, or enhance his or her savings.

We encourage you to learn more about these options by downloading the resources below!

LTC vs. Chronic Illness Riders

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FAQ About LTC Riders

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Life Insurance Planning for Women

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Did you know that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from stocks, computers, and automobiles!

Women today represent a diverse segment of the financial planning marketplace. Today, women hold a variety of roles, including entrepreneur, professional, head of household, and/or primary caregiver – just to name of a few. Today’s women are highly educated and more financially empowered than ever before.

Although these trends seem positive, women still have challenges that need to be addressed.

Earning Power & Retirement Savings

Women earn an average of $0.80 to every $1 earned by men in 2016. Due to this trend, women are saving less for retirement and are more likely to leave the workforce to care for children, parents, or disabled loved ones!


Women statistically live longer than men and therefore have a greater concern about outliving their retirement assets. With a reduced earning power and limited retirement assets, you can see why longevity is a real fear. Did you know that 50% of women over the age of 65 outlive their husbands by 15 years yet often have less coverage than males!


Only 36% of women surveyed said that they trusted their financial advisor, which explains that, while most women said they did not intend to leave their financial advisor if their husband died, within a year of being widowed as many as 70% actually did so!

Learn more about the opportunities within this market and check out the marketing resources!

Insurance Planning for Women

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Life Insurance and Women

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Protect The Ones You Love Flyer

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What Women Need to Know

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Financial Experience & Behavior Among Women
(Research Study)

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Total Market Approach: Women
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Focus On: Heart Disease

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 Focus On: Heart Disease

This month, we focus on the #1 cause of death for both men and women in the United States: heart disease. Heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, is a collective term for various problems, including heart attack, heart failure, stroke, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and many more.

According to the American Heart Association, more than 1 in 3 adults have cardiovascular disease, and while scientists and doctors continue to make significant improvements to modern medicine, the statistics on American heart health are still quite dis-“heart”-ening.

  • 34% of U.S. adults, or approximately 85.7 million people, are estimated to have high blood pressure (also called hypertension).
  • About 790,000 people in the U.S. have heart attacks each year, and of those, about 114,000 will die. Average age at the first heart attack is 65.3 years for males and 71.8 years for females.
  • Approximately every 40 seconds, an American will have a heart attack.
  • Between 2013 and 2030, medical costs of heart disease are projected to increase by about 100%.

Given how common heart disease is, it is very likely you will have at least one client with a heart problem come to you seeking life insurance coverage. And while the complexity of pre-underwriting such a major medical condition can freeze even the stoutest of hearts, fear not! FPG has created and given you access to the tools you need to not only pinpoint the client’s specific medical concerns, but also discover which carrier will offer the best underwriting class and premiums without asking too many delicate health questions. Our heart-related questionnaires will give us the information we need to get tentative quotes from our carriers so we can recommend who will give your client the best policy based on their needs.

Click on the links below, visit our website, or call your Case Manager or Marketing Director for more information today!

FPG Heart Disease Questionnaire


FPG Heart Attack Questionnaire


FPG Hypertension Questionnaire


FPG Cardiac Arrhythmia Questionnaire


source: American Heart Assoc.,

The Producer Conversation for Secure Lifetime GUL3 with Asset Protector!

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The Producer Conversation

Knowing a product is only a small part of the overall selling process. In fact, knowing the product may be the simplest part. The challenge that often hinders the sale is how to pitch the idea to a client. How do you introduce the Secure Lifetime GUL3 to clients?

Check out this video from American General and Steve Schumaci who shares his secrets to success!

The 10-10-10 Plan with AIG’s Secure Lifetime GUL3

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10-10-10 Plan | Secure Lifetime GUL3

Guaranteed Universal Life products have generally been “no frills” type of products. American General is changing the game with their Secure Lifetime GUL3. The innovative features of this product make it simple for your clients to protect against dying too soon, living too long, or getting sick along the way.

The 10-10-10 is a simple concept that can help those who are looking for a guaranteed death benefit, a short payment schedule, and an additional income source during their retirement years.

Download the items below and read more about the 10-10-10 plan!

View Your In-force & Pending Life & Annuity Cases

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Have you ever called FPG after hours to check on the status of your case or you needed information for a policy you placed in-force? Now you can use MyCases to check your pending business and in-force business!

If you have any questions, your case managers are always happy to help.

Gigi Gervacio 949.455.0119 x222

Tracy Gaspard 949.455.0119 x220

Focus On: Mood Disorders

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This month we focus on mood disorders, the most common of which are depression and anxiety, and which affect approximately 20% of the adult population of the United States. From an underwriting point of view, the mortality risk is due primarily to suicide, cardiovascular disease, and substance abuse. Research shows that risk is highest early in the course of the disorder or within a few years of a hospitalization.

Because diagnosing and underwriting mood disorders can contain a degree of subjectivity, most underwriters rely on information found in prescription history checks and medical records. They look for the type and number of medications a client may take, what degree of severity a client’s doctor has labeled the diagnosis, and whether the client has admitted to any suicidal thoughts, among other things.

If you know or suspect your client has a mood disorder, but don’t want to ask too many sensitive questions during the pre-underwriting process, we can help! Click on the following links to be directed to our  Depression and Anxiety Questionnaires. Have your client complete any and all relevant information on the form, in confidence if they so desire, and send it to FPG. Using the questionnaire and our quick-quoting tool, we will let you know which carrier can offer the best underwriting class for your client!

Call your Case Manager or Marketing Director for more information!

Try Out FPG’s Mobile Quote Tool!

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Sharing the value of life insurance is easier when you have FPG in your back pocket. Our mobile quote tool allows you to provide your client Term and GUL quote right from your mobile phone or tablet!

This tool is simple to use and provides you quotes to all our term and GUL carriers! You’ll need the death benefit amount, the term length, and the underwriting risk class you want to quote!

Click HERE to visit our mobile quote tool and don’t forget to bookmark the page for easy access!

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