What are Your Reasons for Not Discussing Income Protection with Your Clients?

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Maybe you have thought:

  • I will sell it to them later.
    • Fact: People usually don’t get healthier as they grow older, and coverage will cost more.
  • They can use their savings if they can’t earn an income.
    • Fact: Even if they save 10% of their salary, one year of disability could easily wipe out many years of savings.
  • I believe they have disability coverage through their employer.
    • Fact: Group Long-Term Disability (LTD) insurance typically covers 60% of gross income, and benefits are usually taxable. Could they afford more than a 40% pay cut?
  • It costs too much.
    • Fact: The average annual cost is typically only 1-3% of earnings.
  • It won’t happen. My clients are healthy.
    • Fact: Almost 3 in 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before retirement.
  • I am not an expert and don’t want to look foolish in front of my client.
    • Fact: We are here to help you look like you have been selling income protection for years and will help you with the presentation as well as do joint calls.

Your client’s ability to work and earn a paycheck is a very important asset that you can help them protect. Please watch the presentation above to learn more!

Five of the Most Common Life Insurance Mistakes

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There are a number of mistakes that can be made within a life insurance portfolio. Five of the most common mistakes involving personal and business life insurance, which can be easily avoided or corrected:

Mistake 1: It is forgotten that term insurance will terminate and/or become expensive to carry.
Short-term products should be used when the duration of the need is definitely short-term. Long-term products should be employed when the need is long-term or indefinite. A combination of the two may also be appropriate. Read More