Carrier Corner: Protective

By July 25, 2017Life Insurance

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Protective’s mission is to help customers find the financial security they so desperately need, enabling them to protect tomorrow and embrace today. It’s a liberating feeling – one experienced when focus is allowed to return to those things that enrich our lives the most. At the heart of Protective’s business philosophy are four adopted values. Each equally shapes their identity and guides all that they do.

  • Do the Right Thing: Character is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. A collective responsibility to do what’s right by our customers to ensure their financial needs are met today and tomorrow.
  • Serve People: To help customers protect tomorrow and embrace today, placing their financial needs first and taking the time to truly understand the challenges they face in life.
  • Build Trust: Hard won but easily lost, earning the trust of customers is just as imperative as keeping it for a lifetime. Do the right thing and serve people, and do it with sincerity and transparency.
  • Simplify Everything: From product design to choice and delivery to service support, the goal is to make doing business easier by making it as simple as possible. They educate customers using relatable concepts and terms to address their specific financial needs. It’s their belief that an informed customer is an empowered one.