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Disability Insurance – Putting Your Employees First

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Case Study

ClientMs. Pothoven,  A 44-year-old small business owner in CA with two employees.

Goal – To protect her income if she became too sick or hurt to work. (Her sister had recently been diagnosed with cancer.)

Ms. Pothoven called her financial advisor about disability insurance for herself.  She received a quote for a $4,000 monthly benefit, 90 day elimination period, and age 65 benefit period that included Residual and was non-cancelable. The annual premium was $2,975.68

Problem Ms. Pothoven understood the value of the disability policy and wanted this coverage, but thought it was too expensive.

The Solution Her savvy financial advisor found a way to save her money and provide coverage to her 2 employees utilizing the carrier’s multi-life discount.

Ms. Pothoven could get the exact coverage she wanted and her employees were protected by a disability policy featuring a $900 monthly benefit, a 365-day elimination period, and a 5-year benefit period. The total annual premium was $2,273.26 for all three lives — Over $700 in savings!

Ms. Pothoven now has rock-solid disability insurance protection and her employees have an incentive to stay with her – FREE disability coverage.


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