This month we focus on mood disorders, the most common of which are depression and anxiety, and which affect approximately 20% of the adult population of the United States. From an underwriting point of view, the mortality risk is due primarily to suicide, cardiovascular disease, and substance abuse. Research shows that risk is highest early in the course of the disorder or within a few years of a hospitalization.

Because diagnosing and underwriting mood disorders can contain a degree of subjectivity, most underwriters rely on information found in prescription history checks and medical records. They look for the type and number of medications a client may take, what degree of severity a client’s doctor has labeled the diagnosis, and whether the client has admitted to any suicidal thoughts, among other things.

If you know or suspect your client has a mood disorder, but don’t want to ask too many sensitive questions during the pre-underwriting process, we can help! Click on the following links to be directed to our  Depression and Anxiety Questionnaires. Have your client complete any and all relevant information on the form, in confidence if they so desire, and send it to FPG. Using the questionnaire and our quick-quoting tool, we will let you know which carrier can offer the best underwriting class for your client!

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