Income Protection

Disability solutions for individuals and businesses.

When your client can’t work, will they have an income plan to fall back on?

Protecting the income a family depends on is a primary reason why disability insurance should be part of your overall financial planning. We help you and your clients protect this risk by designing a solution that fits their unique financial needs by the top carriers in the industry.


Protecting Against the Unexpected

Creating a plan that can provide during a disability can be a foreign concept when you try to do it alone. FPG is dedicated to designing solutions that will provide you and your clients the confidence to know they will be taken care of when tragedy strikes.


Covering Business and Personal Needs.

If your clients are business owners, their disability insurance needs might be different than those of a regular consumer. Working with FPG will make it easier to determine the right solution to cover your clients’ different needs. From Individual Disability Insurance, Key Person Coverage, Overhead Expense, or Disability Payout, we can help you create the right plan for your clients.

Our Disability Insurance Carriers