Insurance Portfolio Analysis

Reviewing Existing Life Insurance Policies

Chances are life is quite different today than when your client purchased their life insurance policy.

It’s likely their insurance needs have changed over time.

If their needs or plans have changed then their policy may need to be adjusted to fit their new circumstances. They may have too little or too much insurance for their present situation and future goals.

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Finding better solutions.

Insured: Age 50, Female

Original Policy
Policy Type: Universal Life
Face Amount: $1,000,000
Annual Premium: $4,200
Cash Value: $218,397

Performance Summary

The policy is performing well, adequately funded, and is projected to stay in force with the current premiums.

Competitive Summary

Pending underwriting approval, an improvement can be made. The potential options using an Index UL with a no-lapse guarantee to age 90 are:

No Further Premium

Pay no more premiums for a $1,000,000 Index UL policy and Long-Term Care rider that will pay 100% of the death benefit.

Paying Premiums

Pay $4,200 annually for a $1,350,000 Index UL policy and Long-Term Care rider that will pay 100% of the death benefit.

Analysis Summary:

The policy owner was able to exchange her old $1,000,000 policy with a $4,200 annual premium for a paid-up $1,000,000 policy guaranteed to age 90 with long-term care benefits. She can receive a maximum of $12,000 per month to cover long-term care expenses for a period of 83 months.

Agent Benefit Summary:

Commissionable Target Premium: $10,241
Commissionable Excess Premium: $208,156


Which of your clients would benefit from this solution?

Your ideal client for this solution would be:

  • Ages 40 to 80 with no major changes in health since time of issue.
  • Has a permanent policy with a face amount of $100,000+.
  • Has a permanent policy with an annual premium of $2,000+.
  • Has a cash surrender value of $2,000+.
  • Has a VUL or Whole Life policy that is underperforming or is inefficient.
  • Has an interest in new features like Long-Term Care riders
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