Protecting families and providing for the next generation.

How are you helping your clients plan their legacy?

Life insurance is the foundation upon which many successful financial plans have been created, but with so many product options and legacy planning strategies, it can be difficult to decide what solution is best for your clients without the right guidance. With 20+ years of experience, we can increase your life insurance production by helping you offer the life insurance solutions that produce effective legacy plans for your clients, together.


Experience Matters.

When it comes to creating a legacy plan, having the experience to ask the right questions, find the best products, and understanding which strategy works best for your client’s unique needs is not a skill every financial advisor has, and that is ok.

The best financial advisors we work with are not the ones who know the most about life insurance, it’s the ones who understand the opportunity of working with FPG to offer product solutions that are necessary to manage today’s risks while maximizing the revenue potential for the advisor.

25+ Years of Industry Experience

$271,269,589 Death Benefit Sold in 2020

Advanced Planning Strategies for Top Tier Clients
$XX,XXX Highest Commission Paid in 2020


Cultivating Success.

It’s easier to engage your clients and grow your business with the resources we have for you. Whether you are looking to learn new strategies to create financial plans or looking for help with generating more revenue in your business, our resources and aware-winning strategic partners will help you cultivate the success you seek.

Social Media Marketing (Infographics, Videos, Graphics)

Marketing Campaigns to Cultivate Existing Book of Business
Education and Training from our Award-Winning Strategic Partners


Turn Ideas into Action.

As a financial advisor, you cannot lay the foundation for your clients’ legacy plan without the proper tools. FPG provides a suite of tools designed to engage your clients, create policy designs, and easily compare the cost of your solution.

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