Protecting families and providing for the next generation.

Providing the legacy your clients desire is easy when you work with FPG.

Life insurance is a critical component in financial planning, but creating the right legacy plan can be a difficult and time-consuming task. FPG makes it easy to offer and create the legacy your clients desire by giving you the guidance, resources, and tools necessary to ensure your client’s financial plans succeed.


Having the guidance of an organization with 20+ years of experience will give you the confidence needed to effectively create legacy plans, present solutions, and help high-net-worth clients with their advanced planning needs.

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It’s easier to engage your clients and grow your business with the resources we make available. Learn new strategies to create better financial plans and gain more success in your business with help from our award-winning strategic partners.

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Having the right tools to get the job done is critical for any business. Our suite of tools were designed to create efficiency and simplicity when quoting life insurance, comparing the cost, and completing the application process.

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