Protecting Families and Providing for the Next Generation.

Giving your clients peace of mind is simple with Life Made Easy™. This structured approach will help you find opportunities, create a dialogue with your clients, and show you the easiest way to submit your business.

Pre-Appointment Resources

Key Conversations

Knowing what questions to ask is a critical step in being able to speak with your clients about life insurance.  Download the worksheet that will help you create the questions that will drive dialogue with your clients.


A Guide to Legacy Options

With many options to choose from, you and your clients can be overwhelmed with the decision of which type of life insurance is best for them? Download our guide and help your clients understand their legacy options.

Analyzing Health and Insurance Needs

Health Analysis

Your clients tell you they are healthy, but how healthy are they? Download our health questionnaire and help your clients obtain the best potential risk class for their medical impairments.


Life Insurance Needs Analysis

The needs analysis helps you provided a completely customized solution for your clients. You control the conversation and navigate them through a series of questions to help them discover their true life insurance need.

The All-In-One System

Changing the Industry

Vive is the revolutionary Term Insurance platform that can truly make your job easier.

Quote, Compare, and Apply all within 5 minutes and with access to Accelerated Underwriting, your clients can receive offers within days instead of months. Save time and increase your office’s productivity with Vive!

Marketing Resources

The Content You Can Share

Finding content to distribute to your clients and prospects can be time-consuming. We have put together a series of marketing resources that you can simply download and share! Check out some of the options below.

Video Library


Life Hints