Long-Term Care

Planning for the likelihood of a long-term care illness.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Long-term care is an often overlooked but critical component of risk management in retirement.  The amount needed to “self-insure” will continue to rise and without the right planning, your client’s retirement nest egg will never keep up with the inflated medical cost they will face in the future.


With you along the way.

We are passionate about helping advisors create long-term care plans that provide protection and certainty when a family needs it the most. We help you decide and design the right long-term care solution for your clients’ to ensure they have enough money to cover the future cost of medical care. Today, the average assisted living facility in Orange County, CA is approximately $6,000 per month. Given the medical inflation rate, that $6,000 will be $15,000 in 20 years! 

Will your clients’ retirement plan survive the future cost of care?

Long-Term Care

These products pioneered an industry and continue to be an option for some clients looking for basic long-term care protection. There is flexibility in how a policy can be designed helping provide a wide range of premium options to your clients.

Life Insurance with
Long-Term Care

This hybrid solution requires more underwriting than traditional long-term care. The life insurance policy allows the death benefit to be paid for long-term care or chronic illness, making this a good option for those looking for more than a singular use product.

Long-Term Care

Designed to leverage existing assets, these products are a great option for those looking for single premium or short payment schedules. Underwriting is similar to life with long-term care insurance.

Annuities with
Long-Term Care

Although this is not the primary choice for Long-Term Care protection, there are scenarios where utilizing this type of product could provide the income solution and risk protection your clients need.