The Concern of Running Out of Money Before Running Out of Retirement

What will your client’s retirement look like?

Now more than ever, your clients want predictability and certainty within their overall retirement strategy. The foundation of any retirement income portfolio includes the use of annuities to provide the guarantees your clients seek. Our team is dedicated to helping you offer the best annuity solution to ensure your clients will never worry about running out of money before running out of retirement.


You don’t have to do it alone. 

Creating the right income portfolio with annuities doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Rely on the expert knowledge of our FPG team and simplify the process of creating retirement income portfolios that will meet your client’s unique needs all the way through retirement.


Which one is best for your client?

The annuity marketplace is filled with carriers and products, each with unique features, rates, and benefits. But which one is best for your client? That’s where FPG can help you shine! We eliminate the time-consuming task of researching the marketplace, finding a product, and designing a solution. Check out some of the top Annuity carriers FPG can help you with.

Our Annuity Carriers