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Help Your Clients Accumulate More Assets for Retirement

Experience Growth Potential and Down Market Protection

The Power Series of Index Annuities are long-term, fixed indexed annuities that offer growth potential based partly on the performance of an index and protects your clients’ principal and growth from market downturns!

Power Through Market DownturnsPower Through Market Downturns
Power Series Product BrochurePower Series Product Brochure

Product Highlights

7 or 10 year surrender
10% Penalty-free withdrawals each year (after year 1)
Issue ages: 18-85 for Power 7 Protector
Issue ages: 18-75 for Power 10 Protector
Choose from 6 different indices to grow your clients’ money
Lifetime income options available

Case Study

Meet Henry and Catherine

Henry (age 60) and Catherine (age 62) are married.  They want to protect their retirement savings from market downturns. They also want more growth potential than what traditional fixed income assets are offering today – 0.17% to 0.93%.

Case StudyCase Study


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