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Term & GUL Quotes

Running a Term or GUL quote is quick and simple. Simply enter some basic information about your client and compare rates from some of the top carriers in the industry.

Once your client decides on the carrier and product that meets their needs, you can start the electronic application with a click of a button!

The Balancing Act

Most of your clients face a dilemma as they find insurance needs shifting. They can either:

  • Insure their highest level of coverage needed, though it could be years from now, or
  • Insure their lowest level, all but guaranteeing they’ll be underinsured in the future.

Whether they’re clients who are considering buying insurance for the first time or ones who realize that their current policy isn’t enough, finding the right balance is an important concept.

Life Insurance Needs
Change Over Time

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Protecting Short and Long-Term Needs
Efficiently and Economically

Rather than use one policy, your clients can purchase a term policy and a permanent policy. The latter provides a base to address long-term protection needs while the former adds protection only while it’s needed. Combining term and permanent policies is less expensive overall than buying one permanent policy with a higher level of coverage or having to buy a second term policy later in life after the first ends.

Client Profiles

How the Balancing Act Could Work

In their 20's

These clients are just getting started with their lives. They may have fewer responsibilities in terms of house, marriage, and children but still need some protection now and more in the future.

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Clients who have a house or already have children will probably have a better idea already what they will need. With other clients, you may have to spend more time discussing their future needs. If clients have less income currently, they can buy more term and then convert part
of it to permanent later.

In their 30's

These clients may have started their family, have a house and a higher income, and have an increased coverage need overall.

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Clients may have greater income to protect but increased expenses as well. Achieving a cost-effective balance is important, and how you balance the term and perm policies will depend on long-term and short-term needs and how much income they have available.

40 and Beyond

Many clients in this group will be in their highest earning years with peak protection needs.

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Clients will still need term insurance but for a shorter period of time and possibly with a reduced amount of coverage. Also, clients could buy more term but opt to convert it sooner. Permanent insurance could be more important to these clients. Their increased income and significant time horizon means accumulation oriented policies may be an appealing option.