The Business Cultivator™

The Business Cultivator™ is a hands-on training course consisting of 8 modules designed to move your already successful practice to the next level! We understand that as an entrepreneur your success is based on results and those results require both time and effort. As you complete each module of The Business Cultivator™ you will continue to decrease the amount of time and effort that is required to gain results!

Module 1

Ideal Client Profile

Understanding your ideal client profile will help you to become more specialized, more referable and more marketable! Let us help you easily identify the key characteristics of your ideal client profile.

Module 2


What has to have happened between now and the next 3 years, 1 year or even 6 months in order for you to feel happy with the progress that you have made? Let us help you clarify your vision and determine the steps that need to be taken to achieve your goals!

Module 3

Unique Process

Having a defined and written process will provide clarity so that your clients understand exactly what to expect when working with you. Let us help you create your unique process!

Module 4

Solution Statements

You provide solutions to your client’s problems or risks! We’ll help you understand the psychology of how your clients receive your message so that your solution statements speak to their concerns.

Module 5

Client Guidelines

A clear agreement of professional relationship guidelines needs to be established immediately when working with a client in order for them to feel secure with their decision to work with you. Let us help you establish your specific client guidelines.

Module 6

Agenda for Discussion

An agenda for discussion will keep your client meeting on point and professional, this shows respect for both your client’s time as well as your own. As you lead your client through your “Unique Process” each meeting will be different and purposefully focused on the end result! Let us help you define your agenda for discussion for each or your client meetings.

Module 7

Client Referral Strategies

The most effective strategy to grow your business is through client referrals. This has been time tested and proven! People trust the recommendation of their friends and family. Let us help you to implement and improve your client referral strategies!

Module 8

Referral Partnering Strategies

A referral partner who works with clients that meet your ideal client profile has the potential to grow your prospecting opportunities exponentially! Let us help you identify you best referral partnering opportunities and equip you with the best strategies to create that partnership!