The Case Design Advantage™

The Case Design Advantage™ is our 5 step process to confidence creation! Through these steps FPG will help you to provide the best possible solution to your clients on each and every case. Additionally, FPG will ensure that you are well prepared and educated to present the optimal solution.

Step 1

Case Consultation

After your initial meeting with a prospective client the first step of The Case Design Advantage will be to submit the case details to FPG. This transfer of information can be accomplished through our online Case Design Request form. After we have received the initial request you will receive a follow up call from your dedicated FPG marketing consultant to discuss all of the relevant case details and gain additional insight about your client.

Step 2

Case Development

Once FPG has obtained all of the pertinent case information we will then go to work on Case Development. This is the step where FPG will filter through our 24 partner and affiliate insurance carriers to pair the best product solution for your specific client. Once the product selection has taken place we will then package up all of the appropriate marketing materials to present that solution to your client and send it out to you.

Step 3

Pre-Appointment Consultation

Prior to your next meeting with the client we will schedule a Pre-Appointment Consultation to review the case design that you have received. The review process will include education, training and role-play to make sure that you feel prepared and confidently ready to present that plan to your client.

Step 4

Post Appointment Consultation

After you present the plan to your client we will schedule a time for Post Appointment Consultation, where we can discuss how your meeting went. If there are any last minute questions that need to be addressed or if there has been a change that has taken place and we need to start back over at Step 1 again. However, assuming that the client was happy with the solution provided and decided to move forward with the implementation of the plan, we will then move on to Step 5.

Step 5

Case Management

Once you have completed the application process with your client, you can then submit the application to us where we will begin the final step of The Case Design Advantage, which is Case Management. First, the application will immediately be scrubbed for accuracy and corrected as necessary. Second, if required we will order and coordinate the necessary exams. Third, we will then submit the application to the carrier and begin to follow up with them regularly through licensing, underwriting negotiations, suitability and alert you to any items that require your attention. Ultimately, our role is to manage every item possible through the case management process and guide the policy all the way to issue.