Keeping His Spirit Alive

As a young insurance professional, Mark Wandall didn’t need to be convinced to buy life insurance. But even he would have been amazed at all the insurance has meant for his family.

Mark was just 30 when he was killed in a car accident only a mile from his home when another driver ran a red light. He died less than a week after celebrating his first wedding anniversary and just 19 days before the birth of his daughter, Madisyn Grace.

The life insurance has allowed Melissa to remain in their home and to take time off from her career so she can be a stay-at-home mom. In addition, she has been able to put money into a college fund for Madisyn Grace. Life insurance has provided  Melissa with options that wouldn’t otherwise have been available to a young single mother.

“Mark’s legacy to me is Madisyn and we want him to see that we can go on with his help-and that we’re going to make it,” she says.